3 Amazing Tips to Increase Membership at Your Golf Club

When you’re aiming for increased membership, you should consider changing your management style when it comes to members. Effective golf club management means adapting to the changes of your environment and using clever marketing to boost revenue and memberships. Some great ways to manage membership of your gold club are to encourage referrals, offer trial memberships, and provide discounts.

Encourage Member Referrals

This is one of the oldest and most successful ways to see an increase in the number of people interested in joining your club. Referral programs are easy to get started and allow your business to gain marketing by word of mouth, saving you the advertising costs while bringing in all the benefits. Offer incentives for current members referring other to the club and see attendance rise.

Offer Seasonal Memberships

You can try giving potential members a taste of what they would get with a full membership by offering seasonal memberships. With this technique, you let individuals join for a short time period and try your club. After the period is over, they can easily upgrade to a full membership and continue enjoying the benefits that come with your gold club.

Give Discounts for Longer Memberships

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One classic tip to encourage members to join is to make joining for longer periods of time a discount. You can give limited time deals and specials, such as making 16 month memberships the cost of 12 months. You may look at it as losing money, but if you consider off-season months then your costs will be offset. You can even see an increase in revenue during your area’s off season.

If you want to see more members in your golf club, try some of these tried and true tricks of the trade to come up with new members faster than you ever have.